The gems are all hand picked by Nette - those that buzz with energy make the grade - the bland ones get put back…

The Energies Explained

Silver has the same vibration as the female energy - the mind boggles what a woman can do wearing silver during a full moon...  seriously!

Blue Topaz radiates energy of love and affection.  It also adds sweetness to ones disposition, sharpens intelligence and lengthens life.

Amber Citrine is said to unwind tension and increase flexibility in the cells, organs and the body as a whole - it will allow you to reach your potential by releasing a hold on all that no longer serves you 

The Green Amethyst strengthens one's mind, ignites self love and attracts prosperity 

Lemon Citrine dissipates negative energy, it relieves depression, anger and mood swings.

The Purple Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone, glowing with intensity - it promotes nobility, spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, whilst bringing inner peace and healing.

Smokey Quartz increases personal pride, joy in living, creativity in business, it opens the path for learning and clears negative energy.