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Copper Garden-Hands Bracelet - SOLD OUT FOR NOW - MORE COMING

We know it's a funny sounding name, but people around the globe who work with their hands will know what we mean...  for many centuries, people have used copper to help relieve pain and stiffness in their hands and arms.  

Nette is one of those - being a part-time tradie, she has tiled, sanded, constructed and painted her house.  Mornings were tricky as her hands would take an hour or so to loosen up after a day on the tools.

Of course, she then designed a stylish copper bracelet that could be worn as fashion and practical purposes (we were not surprised!).

Adding in powerful 2800 gauss magnets for a bit of extra oompf, The Garden-Hands bracelet has received rave reviews from shearers, tennis players, gardeners and fashionistas looking for a bit of sparkle!

PS - engraved with the inscription "Strength and Laughter" because we all need it...

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